We have arrived at The Westbury Hotel in London awaiting guests as they arrive for our debut. Today’s event has been solely organized for our special clients as well as the press. Shows are one of the most important communication elements in the world of fashion and the success of a collection hinges on two things – great design and international media.

Andaj is built around the allure of simplicity. Its philosophy is clear – Classic Elegance combined with Luxurious Glamour. Classic colours such as camel and ivory make our cashmere capes, refined vests and signature sleek coats into timeless pieces.

While the press is interviewing the designer behind the label, our guests enjoy the noble fibers, exquisite products and elegant ambient. This event has successfully presented our luxury pieces allowing our public to understand our perception of what luxury is.

This has marked the brand’s premiere showing which has been embraced by not only the press but our clients as well. Life in London has been the main inspiration behind this year’s collection