After clients gave great feedback on the first collection, Andaj label was very enthusiastic about the future. However, it took us months to complete some of the most beautiful garments for the Fall Winter 2017. Another timelessly elegant collection is just around the corner.

A collection that is nothing short of elegant will be presented on October 9th in the Arts Club, in London. This line was also followed by the same basic principle: real clothes for real people. Using high quality materials and – of course – inspired by long traditional English garments. Handmade tailoring ads the power of the coat also in this winter edition.

Before the fashion presentation on Monday, you can check out some of the styles that are already available on our Instagram profile. With the continued popularity of coats the designer added more details such as, lace, mink fur and rabbit coat. The new ANDAJFW17 collection has an advantage because customers are clinging on to things that have meaning.

Andaj stayed true to the luxurious fabrics to make coats, capes and vests that are elegant and practical. This collection isn’t for those who want to go unnoticed.