The coat first became fashionable during the Renaissance period and today it embellishes the chic and inborn elegance in every woman. Represented, interpreted and reinvented in different ways, the coat has become the voice of artistic trends.

Inspired by a long English heritage, the Andaj fashion label features a style, which continues to define the brand today – the iconic handmade coat. The debut collection was held at The Westbury Hotel in London in September 2016. Since then, precise tailoring, clean cuts and decisive lines are in the core of Andaj’s design.

The brand concept is versatile, feminine and exudes the kind of confidence that defines the new and independent woman. The idea was not to create a brand that conforms to fleeting trends, but to make more of a harking back to the old principle of a coat as a lifetime investment.

Andaj’s authentic pieces reflect on volumes, earthly colours and noble fibers such as cashmere, angora and wool. Our designers often use fine leather and fur to add to the beautiful effortless design.

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Personally, I don’t like to see women in town not wearing a coat.
Christian Dior, 1954