The spirit of London in Serbia

The spirit of London in Serbia

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The creative designer of Andaj London Marijana Mateus decided to bring the spirit of London, where she has been living and working for years, to the Serbian capital, when she presented a new collection last night.

In the atmoshere of her favorite restaurant on Senjak, she made a real modern and snowy fairy tale in which each guest could wear her coat and take photographs. The girls in Andaj coats made a real collapse on social networks because they have been sharing for hours.

“I’m very proud of this brand because it was born at the impetus of my two daughters. That is how the brand got the name. This event was created as a wish of my clients in Serbia to see my coats and to show them what I actually do in London. The coat is a very important piece of clothing because whatever you wear, the coat leaves the first impression”, says Marijana.

As only English women were able to buy her pieces in the shop, she decided to present her collection in Belgrade as well. Although, Marijana announces that she could open a sales post in Belgrade next year.